Product photography is not as simple as “taking a picture’. Your products are the stars of your business and they should be represented as such – if you want them to sell that is.

What you have to do is point out your product’s best features to your customers, like logos or cool design elements.

So rather than taking extra photos, you can simply use the same photo, zoom in and crop. It’s like Buy 1 Get However Many You Want Free.

Most of us crop and resize images with Adobe Photoshop.  However, if you aren’t the most tech-savvy, most of the time you have to read or watch a tutorial to make one simple edit, and it can be pricey.

Your products deserve a vogue-like photo shoot on a ‘free-app’ budget.

So if you aren’t ready to commit to photoshop’s pricing or just want to make a couple quick edits for your photos, here are some free and simple alternatives that will do the trick just as well:

Free Image Editor Tools:


An amazingly simple graphic design software. Makes image designs simple for everyone. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.



A free downloadable image editing desktop tool from Google. Available for mac and windows. The cool thing here is it links up to your Google account so you can share your images straight on Google+.



Another free downloaded image editing software for your mac or windows operating system.



A free editing program for both web browsers and mobile apps. The online browser app most closely resembles a free version of Photoshop, and the mobile apps can be used for on the fly quick fixes.


Pic Resize:

An online photo resizing tool with the ability to resize multiple pictures at once. That means a lot of time saved. Score for you.



A more advanced image editor. It works and functions much like photoshop, but its FREE, yo!  You can even edit psd (photoshop) files.



A photo editing website with a collage maker and a blog. They have some unique effects for easy, fun, photos.



An online site for editing, collage-making, beauty retouching, photo-card and banner-making, and more! They have a supportive online community and a blog for helpful hints and tips.



An online browser app that enhances photos through editing capabilities similar to Adobe PS. The online site also offers tutorials for editing and using the app.


Web Resizer:

An online image resizer that allows you to crop images, round corners and add borders.


If we missed your go-to app or you want to back us up and tell us your favorite app to use, let us know by leaving a comment below!

Trin Salaloy is the co founder and creator of MadeFreshly – a simple to use online store creator. He is a designer, entrepreneur and online marketing guru. He’s committed to making it easy for entrepreneurs to make beautiful websites.