Ever look at an Instagram account with complete and utter JEALOUSY?

The ones that make you ask,

“Why can’t MINE look like that?!”

You know…

Those perfectly, gorgeously curated Anthropologie-esque accounts that make you want to buy everything.

Where every post seems perfectly matched to the one before it. After it. Above it, below it.

It’s those kind of beautifully cohesive and professional feeds that just scream, “COME FOLLOW ME!”

Why the heck can’t your feed look like that too? You want the kind of cohesive feed that attracts more Instagram followers too.

But you’re not sure how to make your posts all make sense together so effortlessly. You might think you don’t have the graphic design skills necessary, the fancy photography equipment, or “the eye” to pull it off.

But you want to represent your brand professionally and attract new Instagram followers.

And so you shall!

Cohesive feeds that attract more Instagram followers may look effortless, are put together with these 8 tricks. They aren’t effortless, but they sure are simple. AND they become a habit once you get them down!


Before I walk you through the 8 tricks, here are some important stats to keep in mind. I’m going to have you make some color/theme choices later, so these are good to know beforehand.

Curalate studied 8 million Instagram photos and found the major patterns for 6 Image Qualities That May Drive More Likes On Instagram:




Alright, so now that you have an idea of what works on Instagram, you’ll be able to use some of those stats when coming up with your OWN cohesive look and feel.


How to Come Up with Your Own Cohesive Instagram Look

I’ve put together 8 pieces that you need to come up with your own cohesive feed that truly represents your brand, makes you look professional, and in turn will attract more Instagram followers.

Let’s break them down:


1. Ask Yourself These 2 Questions:


“How do I want people to feel when they look at my account?”

“If my brand’s Instagram had a personality, what are 2-3 words that would describe it?”

Write down the feeling, and your 2-3 words.

These are going to help you come up with the rest of the elements for your cohesive feed that attracts new Instagram followers…


2. Choose a color scheme and stick to it!

This is a big one, and it’ll make a big difference!

Color plays a huge role in your images, and when you have the same colors repeated it will bring each post together through that common element.

So what you need to do is choose a color palette that you think helps portray the feeling and personality of your account!

Play around with different color combos and choose 3 – 4 main colors you want to see repeated.








You don’t have to literally only have red, orange, and blue in your photos if those are the main colors you choose.

One photo might not have blue in it at all. Or another photo might be mostly blue, but have other colors that are not your main colors.


Like @bloomwellandco is a mostly white, cream, and shades of green, but she also carries through brighter pops of pink and red:


This shouldn’t feel restrictive, it should just feel like a guideline that will help you decide what “fits”. Have fun with them!

The idea is to make those colors be a common link between your photos.


3. Use just one filter

You don’t HAVE to use a filter (whether it’s from Instagram, or another app like VSCOcam) if you don’t want to! BUT if you like the quick and uniform editing features of a filter, pick just one.

That way you’ll know your photos will have the same tone, vignette, contrast, etc. If you use more than one filter, it will look like there’s way too much going on!

Same Filter


Different Filters



4. Use similar settings when editing

If you aren’t using a filter, just make sure you use the same editing settings on each of your photos.

So use the same amount of contrast, change it to the same temperature, add the same level of sharpness. All of it. If you’re taking photos in similar lighting, then your setting should remain the same to keep them looking consistent.

Don’t post one photo with super crazy contrast, and then one with none. It won’t look cohesive.




5. Always use the same lighting

Lighting plays a HUGE role in the look and feel of your photos

And if you use the same lighting for all of those photos, you are going to have a consistent look and feel.

So if you’re photographing your handmade signs outside one day at 12 noon, make sure to always photograph them outside at 12 noon.

If you photograph them outside at 5pm you’re going to get different shadows and different brightness. The look of your photos will drastically change!

So whatever type of lighting you use, use it consistently and your photos will be set up for a kind of cohesiveness from the beginning.

Natural lighting is usually a good bet because it is warmer and a lot of your lifestyle shots could be taken outside so they will match those.

But you can also use a light box or more professional indoor set up too.

Here’s a link to a pro lighting setup you can make on your own that works super well. 


6. Use 1-3 backgrounds

If you keep your background consistent, you’ll have a good base for consistent photos. If all of your backdrops are always different, it could cause your feed to look a little cluttered and all over the place.

Simple backgrounds are usually the best bet.

So you could go to Michael’s or a home improvement store and pick up some background to use.

  1. white backdrop
  2. another color that matches your color scheme (but isn’t distracting from your products)
  3. a texture (wood grain is cool! but whatever texture you decide to play with, make sure its low contrast so it’s not too busy).

My recommendation is to take all your product photos on a nice clean white background. It lets your product POP and never clashes. If your products are white, try a color that allows your product to pop.


7. Choose 1-2 fonts and only use those!

Again, the idea here is consistency! If you use more than 1 or 2 fonts (that look good together, might I add!) then you’ll lose cohesiveness.

It’s like your logo. People become accustomed to recognizing your logo in a certain font right? If you changed the font it would change the whole look and feel of your logo. So by using too many, you’re starting over with your branding every time you post!

Choose 1 or 2. Use only those fonts in your photos.



8. Now, JUST SAY NO to posting things that don’t fit in

This one is super important!

Once you choose your color scheme, fonts, backgrounds, etc. you have to stick with them.

I know sometimes this can be hard, but don’t let one post throw off what you’ve worked and planned so hard for! ;)

WHAT TO DO: Before you post, check and make sure you’re using the right font and it fits in your color scheme, and all that jazz.

It’s like you’ve created a set of rules for yourself and if you follow them, you’ll have the cohesive feed, professional look (no matter how big you are), and more followers that you want and need for your business.


Remember the 8 parts to a cohesive feed that attracts more Instagram followers:

  1. Choose how you want your followers to feel, and describe your account’s personality
  2. Choose a color scheme
  3. Use just one filter
  4. Use similar editing settings on all your photos
  5. Use the same lighting
  6. Use 1-3 backgrounds
  7. Choose 1-2 fonts
  8. Resist the urge to post things that won’t fit in!





Rachel Daley
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