Print You put all your passion into crafting your products, and they deserve to be seen by the people that will appreciate them. For that, you’ve heard Etsy is the place to be.

But the problem I hear over and over again whether it’s from our MadeFreshly store owners on Etsy, or Etsy-only sellers, is that if you’re just starting out on Etsy, it’s a super overwhelming task to get your products found among every other listing.

With 1.4 million sellers, and the highest concentration being handmade jewelry, handmade art, and handmade accessories, the battle in Etsy is standing out in a marketplace that’s totally saturated with so many other makers trying to do the same thing (and not to mention the pros that have already established themselves for years now).

The key is getting your brand to stand out from the competition. - Tweet This!

So I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to take away that “overwhelm” factor, with all the best go-to resources you’ll need to learn how to sell on Etsy successfully, in one place.


tableofcontents_header-01[1] The way to Etsy success has been proven, and this guide gives you all the resources you need to get there. -Tweet This!


1 – Etsy Store Fundamentals

2 – Unique Branding

3 – Time Saving Tools

4 – Social Media Marketing

5 – Customer Service

6 – Blogging/Writing

7 – Top Etsy Case Studies

  chapter1-01[1] It’s one thing to have an Etsy store, but it’s something completely different to have a store that will actually get your products sold.

There are aspects of every successful Etsy store (like the right product photos, product descriptions, and tags) that you need to get the level of sales you’re after.

So if you’re tired of that ominous “0” in your orders tab, here are the best resources to tell you exactly what fundamental features and qualities your Etsy shop needs and how to create them well to compete with the pros:

10 Easy-to-Follow Tips for a Credible Online Store That Converts

The Secret to Writing Product Descriptions

How to Price a Product

Using Keywords in Item Titles

5-Step Formula for Writing Handmade Product Descriptions that Sell

The 5 C’s of Product Photography

7 Tips on Better Picture-Taking for Your Blog and Etsy Shop

chapter2-01[1] In a marketplace as saturated as Etsy, there are going to be plenty of other shops selling products in your category.

Yours are unique, but you need to brand them in a unique way so potential customers know it. And that comes down to you sharing the unique message behind your products.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. -(Tweet This!) If you sell your “why”, Etsy shoppers will buy any product you sell, no matter how many else people do.

So here are top resources to help you form your stand-out brand, from your logo and imagery, to your mission statement and copy:

How to Use the World’s Simplest Idea for Darn Good Marketing

The Marketer’s Guide to Developing a Strong Brand Identity

How to Create a Ferocious Unique Selling Proposition

Your Company Mission Statement is the Soul of Your Brand

How to Write an About Page that Actually Attracts Customers

3 Ways to Market Your Etsy Shop with a Little Budget

7 Killer Tips for Logo Design

10 Tips for Designing Logos That Don’t Suck

chapter3-01[1] You love what you do and can’t imagine not creating. But sometimes, business and life just get in the way and the day-to-day of trying to grow your business take priority.

By streamlining your shop and business you give yourself more time to create and do what you love. Here are the resources and tools that will help you do just that:

Customize Paypal Checkout to Increase Your Stores Credibility

Automating your Etsy Shop

New Etsy Mobile App Just for Sellers

Work-Life Balance Tips (from dad-preneurs) and mom-preneurs

50 Apps to Manage and Grow Your Etsy Business

The Ultimate Windows & MAC Bulk Editing Desktop Application for Etsy Sellers

Tools For Etsy – Making Selling On Etsy Easier One Tool At A Time

chapter4-01[1] You probably have an Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and maybe Twitter for your business. (If you don’t, you better get on it! 83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business and that number is on the rise as we speak.)

But posting just to post is not enough.

These are the resources with all the social media tricks you need to target the right audience and grow your audience of engaged and paying customers:

Guide to Social Media Marketing for Etsy Store

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others on Social Media

Need Instagram Followers? Here’s How our Follower Numbers Skyrocketed by 3,622% in 1 month Using Iconosquare

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide: How to Improve Your Reach and Promote Your Brand

Turn Followers Into Customers with Rich Pins

How to use Pinterest to Launch Your Etsy Business

Using Twitter For An Etsy Business

Crafting Your Twitter Page – Twitter Tips from Craft Buds

Facebook Marketing for Small Business: What You Need to Know

chapter5-01[1] Good customer service will set you apart from a company with a similar product, or even a better product. Why? Because after a positive customer experience, 69% of Americans would recommend that company to others.

There are tried-and-true methods for the ultimate customer service, and you’ll find them here: -(Tweet This)

Tips and Tricks to Propel Your Customer Service to the Next Level

How to Give Great Customer Service

Customer Service Tips From an Award Winning Small Business

10 Customer Service Strategies That Work

6 Tips for Providing Better Online Customer Support

9 Tips for Excellent Customer Service

chapter6-01[1] It can be easy to focus on your photos, logo, and images when creating your brand and promoting your store, but just as important for your brand recognition and success is the words that go with those visuals.

A blog is a great way to get marketing content around your products out there to direct traffic to your store.

But even if you don’t have one, these are the places you need to go to craft the best written content around:

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

How Blogging Can Benefit Your Creative, Craft or Handmade Business

Tools & Tips for Creative Blogging

49 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art

35 Blogging Tips to Woo Readers and Win Business

How to Write if You Suck at Writing

4-Step System For Writing A Great Blog Post, Even If You Have Writers Block

Never Run Out Of Blogging Ideas

chapter7-01[1] Need some proof of these strategies working? Or want some examples to put things into perspective?

Here are some of the top Etsy shops right now that use the strategies covered in this guide. Study their stores, social media accounts, and branding… they know what’s up:

BohemianFindings               458666 Sales


ThinkPinkBows                      161792 Sales


Thevelvetacorn                       138314 Sales


RivermillEmbroidery            135885 Sales


beanforest                               102930 Sales

When you’re studying these Top Etsy Sellers, make sure to note where they are using the tactics from this guide. If you didn’t download this guide yet, click that big blue guy below:


Go down the list from what their product photos and descriptions look like, to how they are using Twitter for marketing, and how they write their about pages/mission statements to promote their unique brand.

What sets these Etsy sellers apart from the other 1.4 million? (Tweet This!)

That’s exactly what you need to do to learn how to sell on Etsy successfully by setting yourself apart uniquely from the heavy competition.

Leave a comment below with the first tweak you’re going to make to your Etsy store/brand!


Rachel Daley
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