There are tons of blogs out there with fantastic marketing and business tips for you as an entrepreneur. And I know you’ve scoured the web for them looking for the best way to start and grow your own business.

But through all that scouring, you are still left confused and frustrated after doing everything you’re “supposed to do” but not seeing the big results you’re promised. Your wheels are spinning, but you ain’t getting nowhere.

And that’s because the strategies you’re reading about don’t always take into consideration which stage of your entrepreneur’s journey you are in right now.

All Entrepreneurs Go Through the Same Stages of the Entrepreneur’s Journey

You get the same electric excitement dreaming of what your brand will look like, that amazing “I can totally do this” feeling after your first official sale, and after you feel the frustration of working your butt off but not getting the sales you’re after, you feel exhaustedly invincible when you make it out on top.

These stages last longer for some and are easier on others, but when it comes down to it, all entrepreneurs go through the same journey. Yep, that’s you I’m talking to.

But the trick to reaching the E-P-I-C success at the last stage of the journey is knowing which stage you are in right now, and what specific tactics you need to be using to keep moving your way up to your end goal.

You can have the BEST tips, but if they don’t make sense for the stage you’re in, they will do you absolutely NO GOOD.

So to get any traction or growth in turning your passion into the successful business you dream of, you need to know the stages of the entrepreneur’s journey and where you fit right now.

Where Are you in Your Entrepreneur’s Journey?

So what I’ve done is broken down the entrepreneurial journey into 5 clear stages, from the very first lightbulb in your head, to you rolling in all the success you’re after.

And the idea is, you will get to that last stage if you understand each one as you experience them and do what it takes to graduate from one to the next.

Or you can keep spinning your wheels. But if I were you, I’d choose to start gaining some traction.


The Stage Breakdown, Yo!


This is the “WOOHOO fun, OMG exciting!” stage.

You’ve got some fantastic ideas for products or services you could offer peeps. OR maybe you’re finally deciding to take that scary leap of turning the hobby you’re passionate about into a money-maker.

Either way, you should be working on fine-tuning your business/product idea.

This stage involves things like coming up with your unique value proposition, finding your product market fit, coming up with your business mission, and setting smart goals.

These will give you the solid foundation that sets you up for success. If you don’t have these, then the other stages will be VERY difficult (if not impossible).


Next comes the “Dang, I’m feelin’ pretty cool right now” stage.

So you’ve decided on what you’re going to sell or offer. Now comes the fun part of creating your logo and brand image.

Here you’ll be creating a catchy and consistent brand image for your business. Brand identity and image are so crucial, and will guide what kind of partnerships you should go after in the future, and will define your target audience.


Then we’ve got the “Okay, this is really happening… speak now or forever hold your peace” stage.

Here’s when you’ll actually start making your awesome products! Welcome to the logistics!

That means you’ll want to find the best suppliers, resources, and shipping services to create and get your products to your customers. You’ll also be figuring out all the money stuff like your profit margin and production costs (muy importante, btw).


The “HOLY CRAP, this is a lot harder than I thought” stage.

This is usually (like seriously, almost always) the hardest stage for every entrepreneur and most likely the stage you are in right now if you’re reading this.

You know what you’re business is about, what you’re offering, and who you’re selling to. But getting the sales takes some serious strategy and a whole lot of trial and error.

The key in this stage is tracking all of your important stats and learning from everything you try. Then once you find what works, you just do more of that! Which leads us to the next stage…


And finally, the “Alright, now that I’ve got the hang of things, it’s time to HUSTLE” stage.

By now you know what works and have a foundation of customers and followers. Now comes the time for GROWTH. The idea is to take the success you’ve earned in the trial and error stage and scale it for more sales.

Now that will take some more strategizing to be able to pull your smaller successes off on a bigger scale. That’ll involve expanding your partner relationships and media exposure all while probably managing more manpower to get more done.

How to Move From One Stage to the Next Towards Ultimate Success

Plain and simple: each stage of your entrepreneur journey has its own set of puzzles.

The only way to solve the bigger puzzle of success is to solve the individual riddles as they come. Skipping ahead, or getting stuck behind in a different stage will not let you move on to the next one.

So the secret password is first knowing which stage you’re in and mastering it. Once you do that, the next stage will find you.


Which stage are you in right now?

Stage #1: Idea Generation

Stage #2: Branding

Stage #3: Building

Stage #4: Trial & Error Growing Pains

Stage #5: Growth Scaling

Are you happy there, or feel stuck? Leave your answer in a comment below!



Rachel Daley
Rachel is the resident Content Fairy at MadeFreshly, the ecommerce platform that makes your passion pay off. Click here to get her actionable tips and inspiration for entrepreneurs every week!