One important aspect that many online store owners unconsciously overlook is the paypal checkout page.

There are quick and simple settings that you can easily customize in your paypal checkout settings today that will build trust with your customers by creating fluidity with your store and their paypal checkout process.

When you own an online store, every detail counts, no matter how big or small it may be. Even the smallest detail or lack thereof can have a significant impact on how shoppers view and rate their overall shopping experience when they visit your online store.

Ever wonder what business name displays on your customers credit card statement?

Could it be your first and last name that you signed up with? Ouch!

That wouldn’t look very professional at all.

With Paypal checkout you have complete control over how your name appears on your customer credit card statements.

In a few quick and easy steps, you can change the name that appears on your customer’s credit card statement.  This immediately gives you and your business a more professional streamlined appearance.

Customize Customer Credit Card Statement Name on Paypal

Step 1:In the profile link, click “More Options”

Step 2: In the menu on the left of the page click ” My selling tools”.


Step 3: Next to “Credit Card Stement name” click the update link.


Step 4:In the two fields enter the text you want to appear on your customers credit card statement.

Moving on…

Personalized Customer Service Message

You can also customize your customer service message whenever there is a dispute. By taking time out to create your own personalized message to let customers know that you received their message and are in the process of resolving their dispute, makes customers feel important and puts them at ease.  This section also lets you add your logo and a banner that is 190 pixels x 200 pixels in height.  You may read this article here, to learn how to properly save your logo and banner for the web.

So heres what you need to do…

Step 1: You should still be in the “My Selling tools” section in your paypal profile. If not Follow steps 1 and 2 above.  Now, “update” next to ” Customer service message”

Step 2: Fill out the following fields. The message headline, add the link to your logo and banner( both are optional) and than enter your customer service message (required).  In this area you should add text that will let your customers know that you take that their dispute will be attended to promptly.

After you filled out all the required fields click “save”.

Lastly, the next thing you can do to customize your paypal could be the most important and noticeable step for your customers.

Customize the Logo Header on the PayPal Check Out Page

Adding your branding with a custom logo and banner is an easy and effective way to implement branding strategies into your paypal checkout page.

This helps customers identify the link between your store and your brand.

Here’s watcha wanna do…

Step1 : Assuming you are still in the “My selling tools” section click on the “update” link next to ” Custom Payment Pages”

Step 2: In this page, you will need to click on the “add” button

Step 3:  In the field”Page Style Name” you want to enter any name for this page style. Next add the url for your logo then the Header Image url in the correct fields.

Make sure the logo image is 190 pixels in width by 60 pixels in height and the header image is 750 pixels in width by 90 pixels in height.

If you feel like getting jiggy with it, than you can customize the colors by adding the hex code.

After your done adding the logo url’s click “save”


Step 4: Highlight the new page style you jsut created and click “Made Primary”

That’s it, your all set!  Here is what your paypal check out page should look like.

Use these creative strategy when you design your customize paypal checkout page and both you and your customers will benefit.

Customers will be more likely to put their trust in your business and associate your brand with your store, which makes it more likely that they will be loyal repeat customers.

Trin Salaloy is the co founder and creator of MadeFreshly – a simple to use online store creator. He is a designer, entrepreneur and online marketing guru. He’s committed to making it easy for entrepreneurs to make beautiful websites.