Posting with hashtags and not noticing any new followers on Instagram?

Not sure which hashtags to use to attract the RIGHT followers?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I have the solution for you.

No really, I’m serious.

We’ve figured it out to grow the MadeFreshly Instagram account to 17.8k + followers and want to share everything we’ve learned with you guys so you can get off that hashtag struggle bus!

Here’s the dealio…

Most people are so unsure about how to use hashtags in a way that actually helps them get more followers on Instagram.

But it’s not this great big mystery that only the big companies have cracked.


If you know this…

There are TWO different types of hashtags, and you use them in TWO different ways.

We’ve put together this handy-dandy infographic to break down the two different types, how to find them, and how to use them the right way, with step-by-step visuals to walk you through the whole process.

More Followers on Instagram, here you come!



Click here to download the infographic to use later!

Both of these techniques will be on-going for you… never stop using them! So click above to download the infographic to reference whenever you are “hashtagging” :)

Rachel Daley
Rachel is the resident Content Fairy at MadeFreshly, the ecommerce platform that makes your passion pay off. Click here to get her actionable tips and inspiration for entrepreneurs every week!