You would think that with the insane amount of info out here on the web constantly being updated, all the info you need to successfully market your own business would be easy to find…

But that’s the exact reason why it’s SO FREAKING HARD.

As a marketer myself, I find myself buried up to my eye-holes in blog posts I know I need to read to better my own strategies.

But when you’re buried up to your eye-holes, it’s pretty dang hard to actually get anything productive out of everything you’re reading.

It just leaves you thinking, “well SHEEOOT, I read all that and still don’t know what to do right now!”

But the answers ARE out there, don’t give up my friends!

It just comes down to weeding out the resources you can trust for all your small biz marketing questions. Click to tweet!

“Rach, we just wen’t over this… I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WEED ‘EM OUT!”

Don’t worry homie, I gotchu. The hard part is done already!

I recently dug myself out of the fat virtual mountain of blogs I’m usually under, and on my way up I snagged the Top 30 Blogs for Your Small Biz Marketing and organized them for you in your own Go-To Resource Guide:



This very up-to-date blog breaks down the current status of SEO strategies, search engine algorithms and website optimization – the nitty gritty info that keeps your business ranking high on search results and appealing to modern online customer trends.

Post You Should Read Right Now: 9 Things You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update. Tips (with pictures!) for incorporating a responsive website design that improves your mobile customers’ experience.



What is marketing? Content marketing? Well, meet the MASTERS! At HubSpot you’ll find a marketing specific blog with suggestions for boosting your reach, a sales blog for tips on negotiation, pitching and business communication, plus a web design blog for optimizing your biz site. Let the business ideas flow!

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Top 10 Mistakes Sales Reps and Managers Make in One-on-One Meetings. Useful tips to prepare for that upcoming, ever-important sales meeting!

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

Because online search results are a major player in bringing customers to your business, this blog covers the technical framework of search engine strategies, plus a healthy dose of online marketing techniques.

Post You Should Read Right Now: Measuring Success For Your Local SEO Program In 5 Easy Steps. A how-to guide to analyzing your SEO strategy and making online traffic goals (ahem, you need those).



Laser-targeted posts that really take what you know about social media marketing and push you to the next level – the Buffer Social blog covers tips to help you optimize your posting schedule, your promotion strategies and extend your reach to new audiences.

Post You Should Read Right Now: How Content Promotion Works for Blogs Big and Small: Our 11 Favorite Content Distribution Strategies. An awesomely resourceful list of strategies to get your content seen, shared and bringin’ in traffic.



A sharp content marketing blog from the ambitious and successful Neil Patel (co-founder of KISSMetrics, CrazyEgg and advisor to big brand names). Following Quicksprout offers you helpful tips on trending marketing strategies for your business. You’ll get updates on the current marketing scene with a dash of personal experience thrown in.

Post You Should Read Right Now: 7 Content Marketing Lessons Learned from Losing 225,418 Visitors a Month. A cool take on learning content marketing from big mistakes – this is a fresh set of tips and no-nos to avoid at all costs.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

All you need to know about social media marketing, this blog includes easy-to-follow tips for promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more. Brush up real quick with list articles, or click through in-post links to really master your social media strategy and optimize customer engagement.

Post You Should Read Right Now: 5 Facebook Features That Help Promote Your Business A quick, innovative guide to spreading your reach on Facebook.



One of my personal faves! KISSmetrics has a research-driven blog with marketing info that’s backed up by statistics. Nothing wishy-washy or “but will this work?” here – each post offers marketing tips based on facts, studies and real life findings to add confidence to your marketing strategy.

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide: How to Improve Your Reach and Promote Your Brand. Everything you need to know to market your business on Pinterest with the latest strategies with the latest tools!



In the world of marketing, copy is king. And this is where you go to learn from the best. You’ll get updates on essential topics like SEO, social media and email marketing, all within the frame of the bigger picture – you’ll understand why the heck your brand even needs these tips, set realistic goals, and watch your customer base grow thanks to killer copy.

Post You Should Read Right Now: 13 Simple Questions to Help You Draft a Winning Content Strategy [Free Worksheet]. A guided brainstorm to really pinpoint your strategy, understand your content’s focus and target your marketing for more sales.

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn gives you a personal and informational glimpse into his successes (and mistakes) as an entrepreneur on the side (he’s a father of two, first). Set your business goals with research based on his income and his strategies – he’s offering you the 20:20 hindsight of an online entrepreneur who’s thriving!

Post You Should Read Right Now: How to Run a Q&A Session Using Google Hangouts on Air. Boost your credibility and add value to your online community with a well-executed Google+ Q&A.

Small Biz Trends

Small Biz Trends

No matter the trouble you’re encountering with your business, Small Biz Trends has a blog section that relates. From technology to marketing to taxes, check out this reputable wealth of business knowledge for an all-knowing guide through your ‘room for growth’ business areas.

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Top 6 Steps for Branding Your Startup. Advice for a productive evaluation of your business’s brand image that gets you off to a great start.

Virgin – Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Full of billionaire swagger, world events and entrepreneurial insights, Richard Branson’s blog will keep you informed, motivated and aware. A mix of tips from starting up a business to leading a team of employees, learn unique twists on marketing techniques, watch insightful interviews and learn from someone who’s been there and done it!

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Four Traits of Collaborative Leadership. Super interesting article about the changing role of leadership in business, and inspiring insight into the power of collaboration.

Groove HQ Blog

Groove Hq

Want to feel like you’re not alone in your business venture and learn from a fellow startup that’s seeing results? Well you can, with the Groove HQ Blog documenting their journey to $500k a month! Learn marketing outreach tips, motivation, and set realistic business goals based on their real world model.

Post You Should Read Right Now: How We Got 1,000+ Subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 Hours. Feel like you’ve got the content but no audience? This post outlines a near-magic technique for boosting your online following. *ABRACADABRA*

Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert

Drama free digital marketing suggestions that get straight to the point. Because you’re busy, the easy-to-follow posts offer step by step tips for incorporating proven strategies to boost your content quality and marketing reach.

Post You Should Read Right Now: How to Hack Your Efficiency with an Agile Blog Planning Process. A comprehensive, straightforward content planning strategy to help you create the best content in less time.

Grasshopper Blog


With time-saving tips, productivity boosters, and strategies to wrangle more traffic and customers, these posts come in comfortable serving sizes and easy-to-follow lists. This organized blog grows alongside your business with categorized content, whether you’re a business newbie, budding entrepreneur, or marketing wizard.

Post You Should Read Right Now: How to Be Professional and Productive When You Don’t Have an Office. Organization tips and resourceful tools for operating a professional home-based business.

Marie Forleo


Follow Marie Forleo’s blog for encouraging, witty and spot-on business advice that feels like it’s coming from your best friend. Marie addresses specific business fears and creativity troubles, then gives you the strategies and tips to regain control and overcome business and personal hurdles.

Post You Should Read Right Now: Stop Self-Sabotage With This One Vital Step. Great motivational words for staying sane during your business venture and regaining a positive, productive outlook.



When you need that real talk from an experienced marketer, Derek Halpern delivers actionable tips and tells you where you’re going wrong with this relevant video blog. Master ‘how to get someone else to do something’, like buy your product, accept your negotiations, or follow your leadership.

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Psychology of Your Customers. A comprehensive guide to understanding your online audience and persuading them to make a purchase. Score!

Entrepreneur on Fire


Hear personal experiences and business struggles overcome by fellow entrepreneurs, their ah-ha moments to get you back on track, plus tips for boosting your online presence by the awesome John Lee Dumas – which means more fans, recognition and customers.

Post You Should Read Right Now: Beyond the Baby Effect. How to Stay On Fire Even When Your Back is No Longer Against the Wall. A personal account from entrepreneur Mary Kathryn Johnson on how she pushed her business through the ever common and dreaded lull after the initial buzz wears off.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield

Follow Amy for easy-to-understand tips on boosting traffic, nabbing referrals and making sales. She offers up-to-date promotional strategies for stress-free online marketing, AND heeeey, she’s got a real knack for spicing up your Facebook engagement!

Post You Should Read Right Now: How to Increase Fan Engagement on Your Facebook Page Targeted tips for boosting up your Facebook reach and community of fans.

DuctTape Marketing

Duct Tape

John Jantsch’s blog is super current, covering marketing strategies with a crucial focus – improving the customer experience. Learn simple and affordable processes to create a community around your brand and earn loyalty from your customers.

Post You Should Read Right Now: Cracking the Content Code. A podcast post that really nails the purpose of content marketing, and how you can make your content stand out.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

This is a blog to continually keep your marketing strategies in check – the motto: Are you marketing like the year you actually live in? Learn tips for utilizing the online marketing tools of right now, and make sure your business doesn’t fall behind from out-of-date strategies.

Post You Should Read Right Now: Marketers: Say Hello to Your New Favorite Ad Platform. Be aware of Pinterest’s new ad service, what’s working, and how it can help your business.


Copy Hackers

This fantastic blog offers digestible tips to master the philosophies behind copywriting (which words/sentences are most persuasive to your customers), plus organization tips for conquering that white blank page. CopyHackers makes a copywriter out of all of us – your content will pack that final punch that convinces your visitors to get out their wallets.

Post You Should Read Right Now: If You Want To Measure Your Copy So You Can Improve It, Give Every Element 1 Job To Do. A new strategy for writing copy that sells better, plus an easy-to-follow infographic that’s like a copywriting board game!

Local Visibility System

Local Visibility Systems

If you want to up your local visibility and realize the power of local search results, this specific blog offers the top techniques, tools and methods for growing your community reach.

Post You Should Read Right Now: 25 Principles of Building Effective City Pages for Local SEO. Practical tips for attracting the local community in cities you don’t actually operate in – plus helpful visuals.

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker

Motivational business strategies, personal entrepreneur experiences and specific business questions addressed logically combine to offer a great read for marketing in real life. Ducker’s blog considers your lifestyle, your time and schedule, and the resources available to you to offer realistic goal-setting and marketing strategies.

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Content Marketing Travel Kit – Everything You Need to Create & Market Great Content on the Go! A useful guide, materials list and personal account of how Chris Ducker continued his video content marketing strategy while traveling.

Bryan Harris Video Fruit

Video Fruit

This blog has really taken the time to analyze marketing success in the real world and reverse-engineer that success into easy-to-incorporate strategies for your business. Master catchy and proven marketing strategies like the “Barack Obama” and the “Letterman” – all based on real-life examples of success.

Post You Should Read Right Now: The “Santa Claus” Formula: How Eduardo is going to get a job with Amy Hoy. A step-by-step guide for pitching b2b proposals based on the positive mentality of unexpected gifts (get it, Santa Claus).

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

Follow useful videos, case studies and guides on the values of creating a community around your brand. Great interviews with knowledgeable personalities and tons of tips on blogging and writing show you how content marketing grows your business. .

Post You Should Read Right Now: Shine Your Own Bat Signal. A thought-stirring post about considering your business’s story and sharing value.

Firepole Marketing

Firepole Marketing

You’ll think this blog is reading your mind! With totally targeted marketing how-tos that set you up for profitability, Firepole posts are all-inclusive, comforting and resourceful guides that hold your hand, give it to ya straight, and hook you up with customer-winning strategies!

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Bite of the Cobra: Overcoming Technology Paralysis in 5 Easy Steps. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the lightening pace of technology and its effects on your business, this post is more comforting and uplifting than chicken noodle soup in bed on a sick day.

Side Hustle Nation

Side Hustle

Every day he’s hustlin’ – Nick Loper’s blog creates a supportive community (and totally tangible tips) for growing your passion business while also working a full-time job. You’ll get specific content on time-crunched ways to effectively boost a brand, plus a highly motivating community of other ‘Side Hustlers’ working on their weekends, too!

Post You Should Read Right Now: Gain an Extra 14 Hours a Week by Slaying These 9 Biggest Time Thieves. Time-saving tips to keep you focused and balanced while you run your side business.


Launch Grow Joy

If you own (or are starting) an online store, blog author Andreea Ayers is the friendly personal trainer that whips you into shape and gets you those profits you crave. With a focus on product-selling businesses, LaunchGrowJoy will guide you through the crucial design, branding and marketing decisions (and remodels!) to put your products in front of adoring, purchase-making fans and media.

Post You Should Read Right Now: Are your prices too low? (or How to Price Your Products on Etsy and beyond). Gain confidence in what your products are worth, and price items for maximum profit and customer satisfaction.

Market Domination Media

MDM Media

This straightforward marketing advice comes with a straightforward goal: boosting your business’s ROI (Return On Investment). Marketing, SEO and traffic-converting tips come with a dose of budget-consciousness for posts catered to your growing small business.

Post You Should Read Right Now: The Correct Structure of an Optimized Web Page. A visual infographic to study for boosting your organic search results.

Life on Fire

Life On Fire

The goals of this blog are something you can get on board with: making more money and working less! Follow for inspiration and ideas for entrepreneurs at all levels, plus case studies and contributions from fellow success stories.

Post You Should Read Right Now: How to Find Your Purpose: The 3 S Strategy. A great story to help you learn the benefits and strategies for realizing your business purpose and growing from it.

What You Need to Do with All This Great Information Now

I know reading 30 different blogs every day is totally unrealistic. So that’s not what I’m going to tell you to do…

You don’t have to read ALL these blogs to get your answers.

Here’s what you do…

Keep this list as a reference whenever you have a specific question you need answered right away, and do a quick targeted Google search.

EX: (how to write headlines that convert + copyblogger)

Bam. The answer you need, by a source you know that’s credible.

AND to make the info even more manageable you should:

Step 1: Choose the 10 blogs from this list that answer your questions best.

Step 2: Sign up for their newsletters!

You’ll get the marketing answers you’re looking for without even having to look for them. Click to tweet!

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Is there an epically awesome blog you love that isn’t on this list? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


Rachel Daley
Rachel is the resident Content Fairy at MadeFreshly, the ecommerce platform that makes your passion pay off. Click here to get her actionable tips and inspiration for entrepreneurs every week!