There are two kinds of people who need help with their Instagram bios…

The ones screaming, “How do I fit my entire business and philosophy into just 150 freaking characters?!”

And the ones reading this who are thinking, “Oh… IG bios are a big deal?”

If you are in either of those categories, this post is for you my friend and I’m here to answer your questions.

Your business Instagram bio is fun, it’s simple, and it’s POWERFUL if you use it right.

And it’s just got 2 Parts that I’ll go over here. Your bio description, and your link in bio.


Part 1: Your bio description  

Good bio descriptions:

    1. Are super clear and explain what you do
    2. Focus on the main benefit or piece of value your customers will get that they care about
    3. UP YOUR GAME with a CTA to direct action!

 The bio description is super simple, but most people either take it for granted, or they overthink it. 

What it really comes down to is melding your business with your customers and what they care about.  

All your messaging should relate to your customers, and how your business/product can give them something they want/need/care about.  

Here’s an example of the perfect IG bio with all three important elements:    


    1. You know exactly what this account is about, “Sharing handmade love + appreciation”
    2. It’s super clear what value her followers are going to get from them, “Helping small shops + creative entrepreneurs grow big.”
    3. There’s the CTA at the end, telling people exactly what to do, “Follow + Apply here”.

   NOTE! Emojis are not required, but hey they are fun! They are a great way to add the personality of your brand while still keeping it about your audience.   Plus, that little pointy-down-finger literally directs people where to click! So perf.    

Here’s a couple other cool examples for inspiration:    

  meanderingmari_IG caitlinbacher_IG merriweather_IG

Part 2: Your Link in Bio  

Your link in bio is a hot piece of real estate!  

This is literally the ONLY place on all of Instagram that you can use a link. A clickable link that is.  

Which one will get more traffic to your store?  


THE FIRST ONE! CAUSE YOU CAN CLICK IT! No one’s gonna take the time to copy and paste a link on their phone. If it isn’t linked, it won’t do you any good.  

That’s why the link in your bio is so powerful. It’s the one place you can use to directly send people to your online store where they can BUY.    

MORAL OF THE STORY: Always, ALWAYS include a link in your Instagram bio!!  

But not all links are created equal.    

What I mean is, there are ways to use your bio to direct traffic to your online store that actually gets you sales.   But having just any old link isn’t enough…  

The Right Kind of Link        

1.   Update Your Link to be More Specific & Match Your Current Promo

Get better results from the different promos you run on IG by making sure your link in bio matches the specific promo you are running.    


When @shopsweetthreads was running their 25% off Back to School Sale, they ran a successful promo with IG posts that included CTAs (for better results!)    


Since the goal of this post is to sell more from their Sale Items, their link in bio sent customers to their store’s Sale Page, not their Homepage, or any other page that would distract from the Marketing Path.  

Remember: The fewer clicks = less friction = more likely to buy   So change your Instagram bio link to match!          

2.   Make Your Link Look More Appealing (aka CLICKABLE, BABYYY)

Aesthetically, a short, clean link looks a lot more appealing than a crazy long one:  



EWWW :P    




Much better *thumbs up*    

Use a tool like or the Google URL Shortener to shorten your links if they are too long.    

Part 1 (Description) + Part 2 (Link)  

When you have both of these pieces working together, is when you get the best results from your IG promos.   It’s a seemingly small and obvious part of your business’ Instagram account, but is looked over more often than not.  

Use these tips (plus what you’ve learned in the Marketing Path) and you’ll notice you won’t ask yourself, “Why isn’t my Instagram marketing workinggg?!” quite so much anymore.    


What to Do Right Now: Take the MadeFreshly Pimp My Bio Challenge!  

Talk to you there!


Rachel Daley
Rachel is the resident Content Fairy at MadeFreshly, the ecommerce platform that makes your passion pay off. Click here to get her actionable tips and inspiration for entrepreneurs every week!