So you’re puttin’ in the time on your Instagram marketing, following the 8 steps to growing intagram followers,pushing your discount codes to get more sales, and you’re seeing some moolah start to stream in.

Now, want to funnel that stream into a bigger, full flowing geyser of steady sales (need I even ask!)??

Best yet;

This wave of sales come from 2 easy steps you can start today!

Amazing as your Instagram marketing posts undoubtedly are, how do you stick with the Instagrammers who love your post, but just aren’t ready to online shop then and there?

They’re at work, or the gym, or waiting for the kids, and your amazing Instagram post flashes before them like a billboard, and they’re really interested…

but they move on, the day goes by, their Instagram feed changes and, alas, they forget about your sweet post.

Here’s how you plug up that leak:

Start setting up an email newsletter!

Make it easy for your Instagram followers to get those awesome deals straight to their email inboxes – their goodies will be waiting for them later, when they’re ready to shop your products!

The profit-boosting flow looks something like this:

instagram marketing But how the heck can I start an email newsletter;

I don’t even have anybody’s emails?

This all works best once you have a strong following on Instagram. If your under 1,000 followers, check out this free course for upping your Instagram following, first. Now, here’s where your on-point Instagram marketing strategy helps you add emails to your list:

  1. Create an appealing email sign up sheet
  2. Entice IG followers to sign up!

And I feel you, it can seem totally daunting to add an email newsletter on top of your huuuge list of things to get done, but once you get that good flow going and watch a steadier stream of sales roll in, you’ll see why it’s worth it. Make the time to make the extra sales!

How to Create an Email List for Steadier Sales

This email-gettin’ strategy starts with your Instagram audience, and will help you start collecting around 20 to 100 emails per post (and even more depending on the size and reach of your Instagram!). How do you start getting emails from your Instagram followers?

  1. Create Your Sign Up Form to Start Snagging Emails from Your Instagram

There are lots of email marketing services, but for this example we’ll use MailChimp to begin setting up an email list and sign-up form.

  • Create a mailchimp account here
  • Click “List tab” and create your first email list

mailchimp-setup1   mailchimp-setup2

  • Fill out your details in the form


  • Click “Signup forms” and then select “General forms”

mailchimp-setup3 mailchimp-setup4     mailchimp-setup5

  • Build and customize your form specific to your customers

Be sure to include the fields you need (things like name, email address are obvious, but you can also include things like zipcode, birthday, etc…) Remove any fields you don’t need – having to give too much information can stop a customer from wanting to sign up! mailchimp-setup6 In your message, be sure to include the incentive to sign up. Don’t just ask for an email address, but choose something like “Enter your email for 30% off your next order!” or “Sign up for exclusive sales and discount codes!”.

  • Design an appealing image header

Tips for designing an Image Header

  • use your logo or a simple design that flows well with your logo
  • match your brand’s aesthetics
  • use programs like Photoshop or Canva to design something new that’s clean, professional, and to the right dimensions

Now add the image to your form using the “Use Image” button. mailchimp-setup7

  • Polish the design to maintain brand character

Change the colors and fonts to reflect your brand style and complement your image header. mailchimp-setup8 Now double check to make sure it looks how you want it: mailchimp-setup9

  • Copy and paste the link in your Instagram bio for easy access

mailchimp-setup10 Once you’ve finished the design for your form, copy the form URL and paste it into your Instagram’s bio line.

2. Start Directing Your Instagram Marketing Posts Toward Gaining Email Sign Ups!

You’ve got the sign up form, now how do you get your IG followers to fill the thing out with their emails? With some more Instagram marketing magic! Here’s the plan:

  1. Research your IG followers

IG is good platform to build up awareness for the brand and working on customer development for your  biz. But before you start directing your followers to do anything (whether it’s buy or just sign up for your email list), make sure you’ve refreshed your deeper knowledge of them.

  • Survey your new and existing Instagram followers:
    • What language do they speak?
    • What are they looking for? (from you specifically, and in general)
    • What are their interests?

Start with this quick refresher to amplify your copy and instagram marketing – appealing language increases the bond between customers and your business. 2. Don’t just ASK for emails – Give value! So how do you get people from your Instagram over to your newsletter and keep them on it and turn them into paying customers all the time? By making it worth they’re while.

1.Think of something your followers will want, and that you’re willing to offer. This could be free downloads of guides, promo codes, discounts, prizes, product samples – just keep your prizes relevant to your audience, so you don’t end up with rando emails on the list that won’t care about your sales messages!

EX: If you’re a jewelry biz, you could try something like “download my guide on how to wear jewelry the right way” as an exclusive incentive for followers to give you their emails.

2. Now create a post that flaunts this prize, and let’s followers know how to get it! Something like “Click the link in my bio to Download” or “Click the link in my bio to sign up for 50% off your next order!”

3. Slip this new post into your optimized Instagram strategy, and keep it up to grow your list of emails.

Voila, easy sign ups for your email newsletter!’ instagram_marketing_emails2 You’ll end up with a nice flow from Instagram marketing to email list, like the image above!

4. Repeat! You can and should repeat the strategy to get emails using Instagram often with different incentives to see what works best!

Start Growing an Email List of Paying Customers, Today!

With this easy breezy chain of Instagram wow’s >> email sign ups >> sales, you’ll start building an email list in no time! Now instead of driving by those Instagram billboards, your busy customers can easily click the link, sign up, and now you send those shopping triggers straight to their inbox to use when they’re ready!

  1. Create your email list sign up page
    • customize it to appeal to your customers and complement your brand style
    • Add the url to your Instagram bio link
  2. Promote the email sign up on Instagram
    • run a giveaway
    • promote with targeted Instagram posts
    • entice followers to enter their emails – give ‘em value!
  3. Watch the email list grow!

Once you’re ready to start sending out the newsletters, you’ll have to stay consistent and send out emails at least once a week, to keep your list engaged.  There are tons of posts on the web about the amount of times and what days are best to send out emails, but it’s truly different for everyone.Don’t over think it, just get started, keep it simple and once you’ve done it for a while you can fine tune everything.

Check out these useful guides for tips on what to send out:

Remember to keep all email messages appealing, focused on an immediate benefit for your audience and exclusive to your special email followers.

Hellooooo steady sales!


Trin Salaloy is the co founder and creator of MadeFreshly – a simple to use online store creator. He is a designer, entrepreneur and online marketing guru. He’s committed to making it easy for entrepreneurs to make beautiful websites.