So every marketing expert and blogger is shouting that Periscope is “The Greatest Thing Since Twitter” and you’re over here like… another social media platform to keep track of? Really?

You can’t really afford the time or resources to jump on a passing fad – so why should your business care about this new social livestreaming app?

Because live broadcast marketing offers authenticity.

Buyers don’t want to listen to a salesperson, they want honest information that lets them make the purchasing decision on their own.

“Old school selling is dead,” says… “Information is your new ‘pitch.’” (tweet this)

This depart from ‘salesy’ is why social media marketing has found its way into nearly all big brand’s marketing strategies – social networks influence 74% of consumers’ buying decisions and a lot of that sway boils down to customers not wanting to be sold to.

So think of Periscope as a direct window into the unedited world of your business for your customers. The authenticity of a real-time broadcast without Photoshop or post-production is a more trustworthy form of brand storytelling that your viewers will believe, connect with, and respond to!

Spotify was one of the first brands to jump on the Periscope trend, broadcasting live backstage interviews and jam sessions with the Irish indie folk band Villagers. The stream had 382 real-time viewers who gave 1,534 hearts (likes).

Spotify Periscope

(118 real-time viewers are discussing Spotify’s live stream, as it’s actually happening!)

Spotify brought value to their viewers by stirring discussions about music, something their fans care about. This exclusive, intimate music moment deepened Spotify’s brand story, boosting their brand equity.

Brand equity is the value of your brand’s name and recognition – what makes you a ‘go-to’ in your industry – and it’s part of the equation for more sales overtime.

So how should your business start marketing on Periscope (or any other livestreaming platform – say Meerkat for that matter)?


Stick with me – this is your crash course to strutting your brand’s stuff while the competition is low and the buzz is hot. Here are the top 16 tips that work with Periscope and other livestreaming apps to maximize your appeal for authentic brand marketing.  

16 Tips You Need to Know for Successful Livestream Marketing


1. Create an Exclusive Experience to Treat Your Followers

People will only follow you if you’re adding something worthwhile to their feeds. Which is why you’ve got to offer exclusive experiences they can only get from you.

      • What ‘insider’ industry experiences can you share?
      • What parts of your creative/production process could you involve your followers in?
      • What do your followers value that you can show them?

For example, Billboard offered a backstage visit with country singer Kelsea Ballerini on Meerkat – an exclusive peek into her concert that most fans don’t get to see. Billboard

2. Extend Your Event’s Reach Beyond Geographical Restrictions

Whether your event is offering information, education or entertainment, open it up to an international audience with a livestream – viewers won’t just be tuning in, but actively discussing and participating in real time. (tweet this!) Mashable Mashable opened up their poetry reading to the entire globe of internet users.

3. Embrace the Interactivity of Live Broadcasting

Remember that this new technology is not just a show… your viewers can comment and you can respond right on the air. It’s kind of shocking (in a good way) when a person on screen says “Welcome, your name!” and the real-time communication opens up awesome feedback and customer service opportunities. Research shows people feel a mood lift when they get a shout out on social media!

      • Try a live Q&A session about a topic relevant to your brand or industry
      • Open up a dialogue with your followers


Perez Hilton

      • Turn the tables – use the opportunity to listen and respond live


4. Show Backstage Company Culture for a Relatable Brand

To turn a one-time customer into a lifetime buyer and fan, you’ve got to form a relationship. And in the top tips we can learn from Katy Perry about marketing, being yourself and adding a ‘human’ side effectively engages your audience and triggers continued following.

Jimmy Fallon has famously used Meerkat to snap some live shots of him Mario-karting and rehearsing monologues backstage – a unique, relatable insight into the everyday man behind his tv branding. Jimmy Fallon

5. Play With Anticipation and Emotion to Draw Attention to Your Brand

Our brains make decisions within the emotional, impulsive part of the brain – so adding emotion to marketing can have a huuuuge effect in sticking with customers.

“Live video over social graphs generates new emotions and feelings that are different from those on existing social networks. Feelings like drama, anticipation, uncertainty, unpredictability, presence and empowerment to change are new,“ Meerkat co-founders Ben Rubin and Itai Danino.

Think about RedBull’s footage of Felix Baumgartner’s Stratos Jump – the thrill, nerves, anticipation, adrenaline kept followers buzzing for weeks.

Space Jump

Use the power of emotions on consumer behavior in your broadcasts to make a more lasting impression. Consider:

      • Adding sneak peaks in the build up to a launch or set up for an event (anticipation)
      • Appeal to excitement by including viewers in your achievements
      • Portray common experiences that most people can relate to or remember
      • Spread hope and good feelings by streaming active support for causes

6.  Involve Viewers in Brand Decisions to Boost Loyalty

To build customer loyalty, including viewers in the design, creation and decision-making processes is a great way to keep consumers invested in your products. Chps Offer livestreams at decision points within your creative process and invite fans to help in the planning – then your new product “baby” becomes their “baby” and they’re emotionally attached.

      • Ask questions to stir a ‘group brainstorm’ with your viewers
      • Offer options/choices they can vote on
      • Update viewers on the results and votes in real-time

Once viewers are involved in the creation, they’re connected to your brand and more likely to turn to you over other options.

7.  Demo Your Products Through Lifestyle Marketing

Follow the marketing trends of big brands like Puma and Nike – lifestyle branding boosts engagement and has become the forefront of these brands’ marketing campaigns.

What’s lifestyle branding and how can you use Periscope to do it?

Focus not on your products, but the people using them and the community, culture and passions they cultivate.

What do your products look like in action – stir consumers’ imaginations about a life that involves your brand and your products. So, do some brainstorming about the lifestyle that your business appeals to:

      • Pull out your buyer personas
      • Think about what your customers really value
      • What events or activities embrace that culture?
      • Can you attend, stage or create a streaming opportunity?

8. Write an Attention Grabbing Title to Entice Viewers

How do you get viewers to even tune in to your broadcast?

Intrigue them first with the title – especially on Periscope where the list of broadcasts is just text… that’s all users will have to go on when choosing to click your feed or not.  

Titles Plus, your auto tweet is not customizable, and will come out like: Periscope Tweet So make the title something work clicking! Use these attention-grabbing copy skills, courtesy of CopyHackers.

      • Keep it short, sweet and tweetable
      • Add emotion (shock, surprise, humor…etc)
      • Be honest! – don’t trick your followers into clicking, or you’re just spreading disappointment

9. Promote Your Broadcast Pre-Streaming for a Higher Turnout

Since these broadcasts are so short-lived (especially on Meerkat), you’ll see a better turnout of viewers if you up your promotion to get everyone ready to tune in.

Meerkat has a built-in scheduler that will Tweet the announcement for you, but do some promoting yourself!

      • Promote across your social media platforms (Facebook, Insta, etc…)
      • Feature the exclusivity, interaction and the value of your broadcast!
      • Always tell them where to tune in! (Ex: Join @yourbiz on Meerkat for Massive Explosions! Wed, June 8 at 6pm PST Be there or be square!)

Promoting Your Stream

10. Consider Your Background for a Clear Marketing Message

The beauty of livestreaming’s honesty and improvised nature can also cause your content to come out muddled.

Do a quick check of your streaming spot before going live to make sure your transmission comes out loud and clear. Watch your:

      • Lighting – is it too dark or bright?
      • Sound levels – is there a lot of background noise that will drown you out?
      • Field of View – is there anything inappropriate or unappealing in the background?
      • Hold phone vertically – otherwise you’ll be sideways
      • Focus on the top third of the shot – comments will cover the bottom half

Consider making your background a recognizable part of your streams. Many online video campaigns and livestream gamers play off the location they’re streaming from – it creates a cohesive element to your marketing story that viewers can easily remember.

For example, IfYouMakeIt runs a successful video series of live music sessions all filmed on the same pink couch in Brooklyn – The Pink Couch Sessions. Pink Couch Sessions

11. Time Your Broadcasts for Optimal Viewership

Since your live streaming is most directly linked with Twitter, you can optimize the timing of your broadcasts around your busiest Twitter engagement times.

Use your Twitter analytics to identify the most popular times of day when your followers are interacting.

Twitter Usage

12. Tag Your Location for Discoverability

While livestreaming boasts the possibility of an international audience, adding a location tag further increases the personal, intimate feeling of a livestream. The “streaming live from…” gives viewers a mental maps of where you are at that exact moment and completes their understanding of your brand’s story.

Note: In response to concerns over disclosing exact locations, your location tag on Periscope now just displays the general area (like town or city) where you’re located. The bonuses of sharing your location:

      • Helps viewers connect to the broadcast by adding context
      • Adds appeal (when viewers can’t physically visit the place, they can still see what’s going on live)
      • Boosts your local search marketing

Location Sharing

13. Appeal to Your Viewers’ Attention Spans With the Right Video Lengths

If your broadcast runs on too long, you may risk losing viewers due to the mobile platform. So pay attention to your broadcast length! Research shows that most mobile video viewers stick with content that’s 10 to 30 minutes, and once you get past 60 mins the viewership is much lower.

video-consumption-by-device-and-by-time-2 Keep your broadcasts from dragging if you want viewers to stick with you to the end!

14. Rehearse so You Can Engage and React Effectively in Real Time

Livestreaming means many of your responses and discussions will come off the cuff – you need to be prepared for every hiccup, unexpected comment, question, and mind-blank that might come your way.

To really master your topic and be able to confidently and professionally answer the live text comments that come your way, be sure to devote time to rehearsing!

Many of Bill Clinton’s memorable speeches veered way off script, but because he had rehearsed and was so confident in his subject knowledge, his talks remained engaging and informative.

15.  Keep Your Broadcasts Clear and Digestible

Since livestreaming takes out re-dos and editing, now’s the time to study the great presenters and take a note or two. To make your broadcasts more captivating and memorable, consider:

      • Telling your story in three acts, building in action and suspense with a kicker at the end
      • Use simple, relatable, easy-to-understand speech
      • Include emotions and storytelling for better memorability
      • Steve Jobs never bored with the technicalities and detailed descriptions of the iPod. He went with: “iPod. One thousand songs in your pocket.”

1000songs 16. Learn from Your Audience and Set Goals to Grow

Like I said earlier, this brand-spankin’ new technology is going to take some experimenting – so use the real-time feedback of your audience to learn what’s working! The built-in ‘heart’ features are the most straightforward way to see how well your viewers are responding to your streams, but you can take your analytics further:

      • Keep track of your viewer numbers
      • Pay attention to big drops or boosts in viewership throughout your broadcast
      • In Periscope, note the sections where you receive the most hearts
      • Ask your followers – they’ll tell you what they want!

Start Livestream Marketing to an Engaging Audience of Consumers

This is your chance to become the trailblazer – your chance to pioneer new relationships with your followers and offer totally unique content.

Stick with these 16 tips and you’ll maximize your potential to reach, appeal to, and convert more followers into loyal, lifetime customers.

Download the 16 Tips for Periscope Marketing here.


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