I ain’t gotta tell you how Black Friday and Cyber Monday are HUGE for online sellers.

And it only keeps getting bigger and bigger.


That fact is crystal clear, but how to run your ownsale might not be…

As the BIGGEST selling days of the entire year creep closer, you’re asking yourself,


“When should I start and end the sale? It seems longer every year!”

“What kind of discount should I offer?


Serious questions… with simple answers.

In all honesty, running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is not anything complicated.

There is no one right answer for what exact deal to offer, but there are 2 parts that hold together the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Sequences, and I’ll teach you both.

Once you know these 2 parts, you’ll be able to plan out which discounts to offer your peeps each day and you’ll be ready to go come November 28th. Download the planning sheet below and follow along during this lesson:


Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Success Plan

A successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale comes down to 2 things:    

      • Offering different discounts each day


      • Creating urgency


 The biggest, hugest, fattest mistake I see sellers make with their black friday sales is that they offer the same discount the whole weekend.   NO! Whatever you do, do NOT offer the same deal every day.   black_friday_stats Why is that such a big deal? Because the whole point of running a sale is to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity in your customers. A sale is a way to turn “browsers” into buyers. It’s that extra push, with extra value and incentive (aka, REASON) for them to buy your product from you right now.

Urgency and Exclusivity SELL.

And the only way you’re going to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity is to keep people on their toes. You want to make them think, “DANG, I better buy this NOW or I’m going to miss out on this great deal!” A 50% off all weekend sale is cool, but you’re letting them know that they have ALL WEEKEND to make up their mind. You want them to make up their mind RIGHT NOW. So if you offer 70% one day, then 40% the next, they are gonna wonder, “CRAP, who knows what the price is going to be tomorrow, I better get it now!” The “Now or Never” mentality creates urgency. And urgency sells lot quicker than, “Whenever You May or May Not Feel Like It”.    

Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale From Beginning to End

Now that you understand the idea behind your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale, you’re ready to plan out your deals for the weekend. It’s important to remember that you can play around with your discounts and deals. There is no one right answer. The deals you offer will depend on your profit margin, and your customers. (Some audiences respond better to discounts.) So have fun with it. As long as you keep the main ideas of…    

      • Offering different discounts each day


  • Creating Urgency



  …. then you’re doing it right! But to give you a picture of what your sale might look like, we’ll go over an example sale sequence. Yours will vary, but this is the general flow to create that necessary urgency. Your sale should take place over 5 days. It could go a little something like this: 09_BlackFriCyberMon[1] Let’s break each day down so you know why to choose a larger discount over a smaller one for a particular day…  


(Say What?! Approx 5.1 millions Canadians crossed the US border to take advantage of black friday shopping deals.) DEAL: 2nd Biggest Value Day! Your Friday deal should be something of serious value (2nd only to your Monday deal). Offer something your customers can’t refuse, like 60% OFF or BUY 1 GET 1 FREE. MARKETING: Your posts and ads should start to create a sense of urgency. Post things like “Hurry and get them before they’re gone” and “Limited supply” to instantly up the value on whatever you are selling. Let your customers see the deals for the rest of the weekend so they take full advantage TODAY. marketing01_blackfriday[1]


DEAL: Less Value than Friday Saturday’s deal should be less than Fridays, but still appealing. 25% OFF should do the trick. Customers will realize that they missed out on the best deal yesterday, and because the deal went down, they will feel like they need to buy today instead of risking losing out even more tomorrow! MARKETING: Again, keep that sense of rarity and urgency up with posts and ads like, “One Day Only!” marketing02_sat[1]


DEAL: Less Value than Saturday Things slow down a bit on Sunday, after 2 days of solid deals because most people are waiting out until Cyber Monday (which will be HUGE). So Sunday’s deal should be a tad lower than Saturday’s, but still keep people’s attention as you wait to blow their minds with your Cyber Monday sale! So something like FREE SHIPPING would work perfectly. MARKETING: Now’s the time to make sure you share teaser posts for your Cyber Monday Sale. “Get Ready for Our Cyber Monday Sale! It’s Our Biggest EVER!” marketing03_sun[1]


(Say What?!: Total amount spent during Cyber Monday 2014: $2.68 billion)   DEAL: Biggest Value Day! The time has come. Make today’s deal the best deal you offer; something of serious value like 70% OFF. A good idea is to mix things up and push a different product for this sale too. Keep things interesting. MARKETING: Don’t hold anything back today. Go big, go ham, go all out. Your teaser posts should have peaked everyone’s curiosity, but today your posts shouldn’t leave any questions to be answered. Promote the deal clearly and directly! “Today ONLY, Cyber Monday 70% off!” marketing04_mon[1]


DEAL: Smallest Value – But SURPRISE Day You might be thinking, “Shouldn’t my sale be over by now? I can’t afford to keep things marked down forever!” Not to worry, Tuesday is the “pity-deal day”. There’s going to be those people that come to you saying, “Boo hoo I missed the sale! It was only yesterday… is there any way I can still get the deal?” *sad face* But if you gave them the same deal you gave everyone else that was on top of their game, well, that just wouldn’t be fair! But you don’t want to shun them away either… The magic solution = offer a smaller deal on Tuesday for those people that missed out during the mainstream craze (something like 20% OFF). The trick is, do NOT promote this deal before hand! Today is a surprise sale that nobody should expect (to create that urgency). You can post something like, “In case you missed out…”   marketing05_tue[1] Like I said, your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Sequence will be different, and that’s great. It’s always good to be a little different and surprise your audience with something new, so be creative!   But don’t stress if you can’t come up with the Great New Sales Technique. As long as you keep the two fundamentals in mind…    

      • Offering different discounts each day


  • Creating urgency



… your sale will be set up to get you the best results for the effort you put into it.    


Important Factors to Keep In Mind For YOUR Sale


    • Of all Cyber Monday 2014 online traffic came from mobile: 41.2% – so make sure your site is mobile friendly, and promote on popular phone apps (Instagram, FB, etc)



    • Online traffic peaked on cyber monday between 9-10pm EST – make sure to post promo material during this time as well as your optimal posting times.



  Now it’s your turn.

You’ve got these fundamentals down, so now it’s time to plan your own sequence. Below you can get your Sale Sequence Planning Sheet and be ready to sell ahead of time:



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