Additional Features

No MadeFreshly Branding

Use only your OWN unique branding on your site, without any MadeFreshly logos or links.

Custom Domain Name

Use only your OWN domain name to look more professional.

12 Images Per Products

Show off every fab detail, feature, and option your product has with up to 12 Images.

Unlimited Pages

Include any and every custom page you want on your site. Blog, Store Policies, About Page, etc.


Sometimes just categories aren’t quite enough. Sometimes you need SUBcategories! EX: Category = Rings Subcategories = Gold, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold

Multiple Product Variants

Show your customers all the options for your products with multiple product variants. Examples of product variants: Size, Color, Fabric, Material, etc


You have the option to track inventory, which means customers can’t keep buying products that you’re out of. When an item is “Sold Out” it will be shown.

Advanced coupon code system

Any coupon code you can think of, you can create. Easily run sales, offer exclusive coupons, and apply store-wide discounts.


There’s no limit to what you can’t create or design with access to your HTML/CSS.

Google Analytics

Track how much traffic you’re getting, where it’s coming from, and all the info you need to up your marketing and SEO strategies.


Options to Search Engine Optimize all the pages in your store (more likely to be found in online searches).

Additional Payment Gateway
Options - Braintree

More payment options means a better chance people will buy - yes that means they can use credit cards!

You will not regret this!